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Citizenship in Lithuania

Citizenship in Lithuania

Foreigners who prove that they have parents in Lithuania can apply for Lithuanian citizenship. The same goes for those who were born in a foreign country but whose parents are from Lithuania. But even foreign citizens living in Lithuania for a certain period of time can apply for citizenship and gain this status through naturalization.

Find out from our immigration lawyers in Lithuania what are the steps to follow in this process in 2024 and how you can get legal help for the whole process. Those interested in starting a business in Lithuania can call on our specialists with experience in this case.

Steps for obtaining Lithuanian citizenship by descent

According to Lithuanian Nationality Law, foreigners interested in this status must consider eligibility criteria, including:

  • You can claim Lithuanian citizenship by proving three generations of families who have lived in this country. It is enough to have a great-grandfather to apply for citizenship.
  • If your ancestor left Lithuania before 1990, then you are eligible to apply for Lithuanian citizenship.
  • Those who lived in Lithuania between 1918 and 1940 can also apply for citizenship in Lithuania.

Although the application process for Lithuanian citizenship is quite simple, some situations can be complicated, especially for those who have ancestors who lived in Vilnius when it was occupied by Poland. Therefore, it is better to seek the help and legal advice provided by our lawyer in Lithuania. We are here to help you in your approach and to offer you the best solutions to be able to obtain Lithuanian citizenship. Please talk to us about Lithuanian citizenship application in 2024.

Persons who have lost their Lithuanian citizenship can restore it with the help of an application in this sense. Such an application is made through the relevant authorities and translated into the Lithuanian language. Apostille certificates can also be solicited in this sense.

It is important to specify that, in the case of a child found in the territory of Lithuania, with unknown parents, he or she will be considered born in Lithuania and become a Lithuanian citizen, except if the situations reveal at a certain point that the child would obtain a different status.

How can I obtain Lithuanian citizenship by naturalization in 2024?

Foreigners permanently residing in Lithuania are good candidates for Lithuanian citizenship application. There are several formalities and rules, which we review in the following lines:

  • Applicants with permanent residence in Lithuania must not be absent from the country for more than 6 months per year.
  • Basic knowledge of the Lithuanian language is required.
  • Applicants must submit information on a stable income.
  • The authorities reserve the right to check and request a clear criminal record. Those who have had problems with the law cannot apply for Lithuanian citizenship.
  • Applicants must agree in writing to renounce the nationality of another country.
  • Those married to a Lithuanian citizen can apply for citizenship after 7 years of living in this country. In other cases, applicants may apply after 10 years of permanent residence in Lithuania.

Find out more about Lithuanian citizenship from our immigration lawyers in Lithuania. They can help you with the required formalities and also represent your interests, as they know the provisions of Lithuanian Nationality Law.

We can offer legal support for those interested in residency in Lithuania. With our help, you can guarantee that all the documents are in order, as required by the authorities. You must take into account the preparation of health insurance and a valid passport. We remind you that a temporary residence permit can be turned into a permanent one after 5 years of residence in Lithuania.

The Ministry of Interior in Lithuania is also in charge of the application for renunciation of Lithuanian citizenship. Candidates must present a relevant document comprising information about the nationality acquired in another state.

Citizens evacuated from occupied Lithuania before March 1990 or their descendants who were effectively excluded from Lithuania by significant decisional courts dedicated to occupation regime cases, political or social motives can regain Lithuanian citizenship.

Below is a video presentation we have prepared with information on this topic:

Documents required for Lithuanian citizenship in case of marriage

As mentioned above, foreigners who marry Lithuanian citizens who have already lived in Lithuania for 7 years can apply for citizenship by naturalization. The procedure is not complicated, but you need to pay attention to the necessary documents. In addition to a clear criminal record, a valid passport, and marriage certificate, applicants must also present a permanent residence permit in Lithuania, a document attesting to basic knowledge of the Lithuanian language, an act stating that there is no other citizenship involved, plus a standard form with personal information.

You should not worry about the formalities in this case because a Lithuanian lawyer can help you with them, you can be guaranteed that the application will not be rejected. We can help you with complete details about immigration to Lithuania.

Citizenship by way of exception is possible in Lithuania. This is granted to citizens of foreign countries if he/she is subject to a special merit or he/she is a stateless person who has been integrated into Lithuanian community. The conditions of naturalization are not applicable in this case.

Foreigners who become citizens of Lithuania can enjoy the rights, responsibilities, and freedoms just like any other Lithuanian citizen. Such rights are available only after having taken the pledge of commitment to Lithuania.

Lithuanian citizenship by birth

Another way you can get Lithuanian citizenship is by birth. This is where people with Lithuanian parents who were born in another country come into play. All you have to consider is to present the birth certificate of your parents but also yourself and to respect the formalities imposed by this state. Please note that the entire process can be supervised by our experienced immigration attorneys.

Here are some details about immigration to Lithuania:

  • According to data for 2020, more than 87,000 foreigners already lived in Lithuania, of which 21% obtained permanent residence in the same year.
  • About 9% of all foreign nationals registered in 2020 come from countries from the European Union.
  • About 38% of all immigrants registered in Lithuania in 2020 come from countries such as Belarus and Ukraine.

Have you decided to apply for citizenship in Lithuania? Do not hesitate to collaborate with our lawyers and find out what steps to follow in this endeavor. We mention that your file must include a clear criminal record, a copy of your permanent residence permit, marriage certificate, passport, and proof of basic knowledge of the Lithuanian language. Citizenship by birth is also possible if you prove your parents are from Lithuania. Our immigration lawyers can tell you more.

We invite you to contact our law firm in Lithuania to find out more about Lithuanian citizenship and the formalities for 2024.