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Citizenship by Marriage in Lithuania

Citizenship by Marriage in Lithuania

Lithuanian citizenship by marriage is not difficult to obtain, as long as the formalities and legislation are respected. With legal guidance offered by our immigration lawyers in Lithuania, you can obtain such status in a relatively short time. In this article, we present to you some of the formalities to consider for citizenship by marriage in Lithuania.

How can I get Lithuanian citizenship by marriage?

Citizenship by marriage in Lithuania can be obtained by foreign citizens married to those from this country. The process begins when the citizen proves that he has lived in this country for at least 7 years. Let’s review other formalities:

  • Applicants must have a permanent residency for 5 years before applying for citizenship.
  • Candidates for Lithuanian citizenship by marriage must prove that the marriage has been registered.
  • Among the formalities is the presentation of information about the domicile in Lithuania. A house or rental contract is required.
  • If the marriage took place in a foreign country, a legalized translation of the certificate is required.
  • Proof of monthly income of at least the minimum wage is required.

These are some of the formalities for Lithuanian citizenship by marriage. Legal advice is needed to eliminate possible errors from the start. We remind you that you can discuss more about this topic with our immigration lawyers in Argentina.

Is dual citizenship allowed in Lithuania?

Lithuanian dual citizenship is allowed only under certain conditions, called exceptional. This status can be obtained by citizens who were deported before 1990 when the occupation of Lithuania took place. Refugees, children adopted by Lithuanians, or persons who have previously gained Lithuanian citizenship are among the exceptional cases for dual citizenship.

The formalities for dual citizenship in Lithuania are based on old family documents. But if they do not exist, you can use the national archives. You need to prove your knowledge of the Lithuanian language as well as your knowledge of culture and history.

Talk to our attorneys in Lithuania if you are interested in dual citizenship in Lithuania and immigration to Lithuania.

The rights offered for those with Lithuanian citizenship by marriage

Citizenship by marriage in Lithuania allows the right to education and health services, as well as rights and freedoms as any other Lithuanian. Those interested in this status and the formalities involved can contact our Lithuanian lawyers. We can offer specialized legal advice to obtain Lithuanian citizenship by marriage.

Our lawyers can help you with the formalities related to residency in Lithuania. Some aspects may seem quite complex, which is why it is much more advisable to contact a specialist with experience in the field of immigration and to ensure the accuracy of the documents required by the authorities. You also have the opportunity to apply for a startup visa and invest at least EUR 50,000 to receive residency. All aspects related to this process can be explained to you by our experts.

Why relocate to Lithuania

Lithuania is a welcoming country in many ways. With cultural richness, continental climate, many business opportunities, Lithuania is preferred by many foreigners. Starting a business in Lithuania is easy. Relocating retirees from EU and non-EU countries is also easy. But we remind the support provided by our lawyers for any immigration-related issues.

Below we present some statistics on the migration and population of Lithuania:

  • Lithuania has a population of over 2,661,000, according to worldometers.info.
  • About 225,000 foreigners immigrated to Lithuania between 2009 and 2019. Of these, about 70% were Lithuanians returning home.
  • More than 20% of Lithuanians living in other countries returned to Lithuania in 2019.

You have at your disposal legal advice offered by our lawyers to obtain citizenship in Lithuania. it is good to know that applicants must give up their current citizenship to obtain the new one. The authorities also require you to present a clear criminal record and proof that you have basic knowledge of the Lithuanian language. We, therefore, invite you to contact us and discover more about the legal services offered in this regard.

Want complete information about Lithuanian citizenship by marriage? Our law firm in Lithuania is at your disposal with specialized legal advice, including for immigration to Lithuania.