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Immigrate to Lithuania

Immigrate to Lithuania

Due to the good living conditions and the multitude of possibilities for personal and financial development, Lithuania is on the list of countries preferred by those who want to immigrate. The business climate is stable and highly appreciated, and entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in Lithuania can enjoy simple and relaxed formalities. Find out in this article details about the immigration to Lithuania process, noting that our lawyers in Lithuania can provide you with legal advice.

 Quick Facts  
Entry visa requirement (from EU)  (YES/NO)


Entry visa requirement (outside EU) (YES/NO)



Types of visas available

Long-stay and short-stay visas
Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.) 

Around 15 days

Validity of temporary residence permit

5 years

Temporary residence permit renewal requirements

Through the Lithuanian Migration Information System – it needs a proof of domicile

Documents for obtaining a residence permit

– valid passport,

– proof of income,

– health insurance

Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

Around 45 days

Investor Visa availability (YES/NO) Yes
Start-up Visa Scheme availability (YES/NO) Yes
Sponsorship requirement (YES/NO) Yes
Time frame for obtaining citizenship After living 10 years in Lithuania
Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme availability (YES/NO) Yes
Taxation of foreign citizens

Personal income tax rate – 20%

Tax benefits for expats

No taxation for incomes received abroad

Who needs visas for Lithuania?

If citizens from EU countries are free to immigrate to Lithuania without being asked for a visa, things are different for those from non-EU and EEA countries. They must obtain a certain visa in order to be able to relocate legally. Here are some of the visa options you may be interested in, stating that the formalities come to the attention of our immigration lawyers in Lithuania:

  •  Lithuanian Schengen visa is issued for foreign citizens who are part of official delegations, workers or crew members of companies with transport activities, health care professionals, journalists, artists, highly skilled athletes.
  •  Single and multiple entry visas (D) are accompanied by the residence permit. The difference between the two is that one allows a single entry into the country, while the second can be used by entrepreneurs who are frequently traveling for business purposes.

The formalities are quite simple for obtaining these types of visas, and among them, filling in a specific form, holding a valid passport, return flight ticket, a letter motivating the visit to Lithuania, and information about accommodation. All these formalities and many more can be managed by our team of lawyers from Lithuania who can help you get the desired visa. Get in touch with us if you want to know more about immigration to Lithuania. Also, you can discover the following infographic:


Immigration of foreign workers to Lithuania

Foreign nationals who have accepted a job in Lithuania and who come from non-EU / EEA countries must take into account the conditions imposed for obtaining a visa and work permit. Employers are the ones who can handle these formalities together with our attorneys in Lithuania. Here, you need the employment contract, no-objection certificates issued by the employee, proof that social security contributions and other taxes will be paid.

The whole process can take several weeks, but if all the documents are accepted, the visa can be issued quite quickly. We remind you that you can rely on our Lithuanian lawyers if you are interested in migration to Lithuania.  

Citizenship in Lithuania is a process that involves a series of procedures that must be followed, and one of our lawyers can guide you in this regard. Thus, you will have to give up your current citizenship, present your permanent residence permit, marriage certificate, and clear criminal record. Our recommendation is to turn to us instead of acting on your own to benefit from specialized legal advice from the very beginning.

We recommend you watch the following video presentation on this topic:

Immigration to Lithuania – conditions for other categories of citizens

The visa for non-EU / EEA citizens who want to study in Lithuania is obtained if a leave approval letter is offered from the university that accepted them. Regarding pensioners who want to immigrate to Lithuania, they must present a pension statement for at least 6 months.  

Residence permits for businessmen – Immigrate to Lithuania

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to establish their businesses in Lithuania as well as live in this country have the opportunity to register or buy a company. There is also the possibility of establishing a branch or representative office, in accordance with the legislation regarding business in Lithuania. Thus, it is possible to apply for a residence permit for which you must consider the following things:

  • The company must be active on the market for at least 6 months
  • The foreign entrepreneur must have invested at least EUR 14,000 in the company.
  • The company in question was supposed to have Lithuanian employees, but foreign staff residing in Lithuania are also allowed.
  • A power of attorney is needed in Lithuania, both for opening a company and for the acquisition of an already existing one.

These are some of the formalities for a residence visa for businessmen in Lithuania. If you are interested in immigration to Lithuania, we remind you that you can contact our specialists.

If you are interested in residency in Lithuania, our immigration specialists can offer you specialized legal advice. We mention that among the documents required in this endeavor, we need bank statements, health insurance, a valid passport, and information about the new domicile in Lithuania. But to ensure a process free of legal problems, our advice is to contact our lawyers from the very beginning.

What is Family Business Immigration to Lithuania?

Lithuania has implemented Family Business Immigration, a program aimed at the families of those who want to open businesses in this country or invest in existing ones. They must prove some lawful activities that they will have in the future in Lithuania.

Entering the program mentioned above requires applying for a temporary residence permit, and the acceptance decision can be issued in a maximum of 4 months. As there are a number of legal issues that need to be clarified, we invite you to discuss them with one of our immigration lawyers in Lithuania. We are at your disposal with specialized help, so do not hesitate to discuss with us what interests you about how to move to Lithuania.

How to relocate a foreign company to Lithuania

Those interested in immigration to Lithuania in order to relocate the company should know that this process is quite simple as long as the conditions are met. First of all, the company from the country of origin will be de-registered and the relocation declarations, signed by shareholders, administrators, and managers will be drawn up.

The registration of the company in Lithuania follows, with the help of our lawyers who can facilitate your collaboration with the relevant authorities. Registering for taxes and obtaining the necessary licenses to operate on the market are important steps to keep in mind when you want to relocate in Lithuania as a business owner.

As for foreign investments in this country, entrepreneurs enjoy a stable and attractive business climate. A skilled and experienced workforce, well-developed infrastructure, advantageous taxation system are some of the advantages offered by Lithuania to those who decide to open a business in this country. Here are some interesting statistics about the Lithuanian economy:

  1. Data for 2020 show a total FDI of approximately USD 24 billion.
  2. 2020 Doing Business report ranked Lithuania 11th out of 190 economies in the world for business conditions and a secure climate for development.
  3. Most foreign investments are absorbed by sectors such as financial and insurance services, real estate, manufacturing, IT.
  4. Lithuania has the 4th most productive workforce in the European Union.

We are here to help you immigrate to Lithuania by taking care of the formalities and more.

How to immigrate as a descendant of a Lithuanian citizen

There are situations in which citizens of Lithuanian origin decide to immigrate to Lithuania and regain their citizenship. In this case, the birth certificate represents an important document in the application for a temporary or permanent residence permit. If they come from non-EU/EEA countries, they must apply for the Schengen visa to be able to enter the country and meet other immigration formalities to relocate to Lithuania.

Cases where applicants can prove that they have Lithuanian descendants, such as grandparents or great-grandparents who lived in Lithuania before 1945, are also accepted.

But in order to understand the entire immigration process, we invite you to talk to one of our Lithuanian lawyers and ask for legal help.

Immigration in Lithuania for 3 months as an EU citizen

Citizens of EU member states can enter Lithuania without the need for a visa. They can live in Lithuania for 3 months without applying for a residence permit. If the situation changes, these European citizens must apply for certificates for an EU member citizen, taking into account the place of work or studies, where appropriate. If you are thinking of moving to Lithuania, please contact our local experts. They can take care of the required formalities and help you from a legal point of view.

Work permits or a decision on compliance. What is the difference?

The difference between work permits in Lithuania and the decision on the compliance of foreign workers with the labor market in Lithuania is the expiration date. If a work permit is valid for 1 year, and the applicant can work for 3 months with a Schengen visa, in the second case, the compliance document is valid for 2 years, and the foreign citizen must apply for a residence permit. However, there is an exception, and this applies to highly qualified professionals who have a Blue Card and who do not have to apply for the decision mentioned above.

Highly skilled employees working in Lithuania

Highly skilled employees from non-EU countries can work in Lithuania if they provide proof of higher education or if they have experience in the chosen field for at least 5 years. In this case, a positive decision issued by the Lithuanian Employment Service is a necessary document to enter the labor market in this country.

Also, these highly skilled workers will be offered a Blue Card, i.e. a temporary residence permit. Find out from our team of immigration lawyers in Lithuania how you can apply for a job in Lithuania as a highly skilled worker and what are the necessary documents in this endeavor.

Obtaining the permanent residence permit as a highly skilled worker in Lithuania

If you have lived in Lithuania for 5 years and have not left the country or the EU for more than 2 years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. In addition to the formalities related to the necessary documents, applicants must also prove their knowledge of the Lithuanian language, as well as the Constitution, with the help of a dedicated test.

How can an immigration lawyer help you in Lithuania?

There are a number of aspects related to immigration to Lithuania, which can be explained in detail by a lawyer with experience in this matter. You can eliminate from the start the problems related to the spoken language or the documents required for the application. That’s why we present some of the legal services offered to those who want to immigrate to Lithuania:

  • The procedures related to issuing a visa, residence permit, and work in Lithuania will be explained.
  • Being a country that is part of the Schengen area, the respective visa can also be used for visits from other member countries. Legal advice is offered for temporary or permanent residence permit.
  • We take care of the preparation of the necessary documents required by the immigration authorities. 
  • Once you arrive in Lithuania, you must register with the relevant authorities. We can take care of this aspect as well.
  • If you want foreign staff in your company, we can manage the visa and work permit formalities.
  • If you enter on the basis of a Letter of Invitation, we can check such documents before presenting them to the authorities.
  • You have our support and legal representation before the relevant authorities. You can rely on our support if you want to move to Lithuania.

Why immigrate to Lithuania

Among the reasons why many foreign citizens choose to relocate to Lithuania are good living standards, family reunification, work, study, and business. The optimal conditions for the development of a company as well as the remuneration above the market average are other reasons why Lithuania is on the list of countries with enormous potential in terms of immigration.

Working with our Lithuanian lawyers

The formalities for immigration to Lithuania may seem complex for those who have not faced such situations before. There are standard formalities as well as documents to prepare, therefore, a lawyer in Lithuania can offer the necessary help in this direction.

Those interested can thus avoid cases in which the authorities refuse to issue a visa, work permit, or residence permit applications due to missing documents. Professionalism, dedication, and efficiency are attributes you can rely on when you choose our team of lawyers in Lithuania.

Foreigners interested in migration to Lithuania can talk to our lawyers for legal advice. Contact our law firm in Lithuania and find out all the details about how to move to Lithuania.