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Golden Visa in Lithuania

Golden Visa in Lithuania

Golden Visa for Lithuania is a scheme through which foreign investors can enjoy a number of benefits, including citizenship. Even if there is no specific investment program for Lithuania, foreign nationals can invest a certain amount of money to enter the Golden Visa program in Lithuania. With the help of our immigration lawyers in Lithuania, you will benefit from complete legal advice in this direction. Our experts can also help you immigrate to Lithuania in 2024, respecting the conditions imposed by the legislation in this country for Lithuanian business immigration.

The Golden Visa Program for Lithuania in 2024

The road to Lithuanian citizenship starts with a minimum investment of EUR 50,000 and a solid business plan applicable in Lithuania. In order to access Lithuanian Golden Visa, you must also consider the following conditions:

  • Lithuanian investment visa is addressed to those who want to open their business in this country. The business project is analyzed by the authorities before the investment.
  • The foreign investor must prove that he is a director or shareholder of the company he intends to open in Lithuania.
  • The business plan must be reasonable and doable.
  • The foreign investor must hire Lithuanian workers and pay social security contributions.
  • residence permit in Lithuania can be obtained automatically if the entrepreneur opens a business in Lithuania or a branch. Our immigration lawyers in Lithuania can tell you more about Lithuanian investment visa and about how to move to Lithuania.

Broadly speaking, it is important to remember that in order to enter the Lithuanian Golden Visa program, applicants need to get involved in the business they want to open in this country. Once the conditions are met, they can also receive a Lithuanian passport by investment. More about how to relocate to Lithuania can be discussed with our lawyers.

Would you like to apply for residency in Lithuania? You can choose the investment program, for a minimum capital of EUR 50,000. Thus, you can get residency in this country and run the business you want. On another note, we inform you that you must prepare health insurance, pay a fee of approximately EUR 120 and present your valid passport. There are other forms to fill out, but our lawyers can guide you through this process.

If a Golden Visa for Lithuania implies investments of at least EUR 50,000 in a newly-formed company, such a condition is not imposed on the incorporation of a branch in this country. This is a major advantage for international investors interested in obtaining a residence permit through investments.

Foreigners in Lithuania can obtain permanent residency through the Golden Visa program and ultimately qualify for citizenship, under certain circumstances. Having a temporary residency in Lithuania allow foreigners to travel throughout the Schengen Area and EU member countries without limitations.

What benefits can you get with Lithuanian Golden Visa?

Lithuanian Golden Visa in 2024 comes with a number of advantages, and among these, we mention the following:

  • Permanent residence is offered in Lithuania after 5 years, and candidates can receive citizenship after 10 years.
  • Family members can also be part of the Lithuanian Golden Visa.
  • With the Lithuanian passport by investment, you can travel without restrictions to Schengen and EU member states.
  • With the Lithuanian investment visa, candidates can enjoy all the benefits offered to Lithuanians, such as medical care and other social concessions.

Please get in touch with our lawyers in Lithuania for more information on Golden Visa in Lithuania. We are here to help you with immigration to Lithuania in a fast and reliable manner.

We provide assistance and legal advice for citizenship in Lithuania. This process can be supervised by our specialists who can handle the preparation of the necessary documents. In this endeavor, you must know that it is necessary to renounce your current citizenship, to present a clear criminal record and information about the basic knowledge of the Lithuanian language. You can rely on us in this endeavor to benefit from a process without complexities.

In terms of general requirements for a Golden Visa in Lithuania, investors must be at least 18 years of age, originating from non-EU countries, and have no criminal record for the last 5 years, in the country of residence and Lithuania.

The Lithuanian Golden Visa program allows foreigners to apply for family members too. On the other hand, having the Lithuanian passport by investment allows foreign citizens with Lithuanian nationality to travel without restrictions to Schengen Area and EU member countries.

When is a permanent residence offered through Golden Visa for Lithuania?

Lithuanian Golden Visa is an advantageous program for foreigners who want to discover other business opportunities. Once accepted into this program, candidates can obtain permanent residence in Lithuania after 5 years of living in this country. The formalities are simple, and the immigration authorities in Lithuania will analyze all aspects of the application, including the candidates’ legal records. Moreover, if they are eligible, foreign citizens with Lithuanian Golden Visa can apply for citizenship in about 10 years. Please discuss all these issues with our Lithuanian lawyers. They can help you relocate to Lithuania by handling all the formalities.

The Golden Visa in Lithuania comes with great benefits, among which, no movement restrictions in the Schengen area, an appealing tax system, and the inclusion of family members in the application. 

Obtaining the investment visa in Lithuania comes with a series of benefits like accessing the medical system and varied social discounts. Applicants should present a feasible business plan and register with the social security contributions.

Is dual nationality accepted in Lithuania?

Once citizenship is received through the Lithuanian business immigration program, candidates can also enjoy dual citizenship. In other words, Lithuania does not impose restrictions on dual citizenship, and therefore, applicants do not have to give up their nationality. Everything you need to know about how to move to Lithuania you can find out from our immigration specialists. We are here to provide you with the necessary support to obtain a Lithuanian passport by investment.

Making investments in Lithuania, always a good option

If you have decided to invest in Lithuania, then you can enjoy an optimal business climate, with the possibility to set up a company in the best conditions, without complicated formalities. The taxation system, the attractive workforce, and the affordable costs of setting up a company in Lithuania are aspects appreciated by foreign investors. Here are some statistics about the economy of Lithuania that might attract your attention:

  • The total FDI for Lithuania in 2020 was around USD 24 billion.
  • The country ranked 11th out of 190 world economies in terms of business conditions, according to the 2020 Doing Business report.
  • There are already 7 Free Economic Zones in Lithuania, with special business conditions, meant to attract as many foreign investors as possible.

Want to know more about Lithuanian Golden Visa in 2024? We invite you to contact our law firm in Lithuania and find out about our legal services reffering to immigration to Lithuania.