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Immigration Lawyer in Lithuania

Immigration Lawyer in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the Baltic states of Europe which shares land borders with Latvia. Non-EU nationals, who want to relocate to Lithuania, must receive a temporary residence permit (TRP). The immigration authorities in this country usually issue residency permits for one year on extendable terms. The foreign investors apply and receive residency permits if they want to incorporate or already own a company in Lithuania. Students who plan to pursue their studies in higher education institutions of Lithuania can also apply for residency permits.

You can get the services of our immigration lawyers in Lithuania if you want to study or incorporate a company in this country. Vilnius is the largest city and capital of Lithuania, a place with a lot of opportunities. If you are interested, our immigration lawyers in Vilnius will help you with the formalities about how to relocate to Lithuania.

Visas in Lithuania

You do not need a visa to visit Lithuania if you are a EU-citizen, but non-EU citizens need a visa to visit this Baltic country. The following are the types of visas offered by this country:

  • National visa: this visa is divided into two categories: single-entry visa (D) and multiple entry (D) visa. The issuance of this visa requires the submission of specific documents based on the purpose and nature of the visit. The Ministry of Interior’s Migration Department takes care of the visa issuance to the approved applicants. Single entry visa (D) is issued to foreigners along with the permission of temporary or permanent stay in the country. Whereas the multiple entry visa is issued to a foreigner who tends to enter and exit the country periodically. Our immigration lawyers in Lithuania will help you obtain a single or multiple entry visa as per your requirement.
  • Schengen visa: this visa is also divided into two categories: airport transit visa (A) and short-stay visa (C). Air transit visa (A) is for those individuals who need to catch a connecting flight, train or boat into or out of Lithuania. It is valid for transit through international transit areas such as airports and it applies to all Schengen member states. A short-stay visa (C) in Lithuania permits a stay for not more than three months, but please bear in mind it should be within six months from the date of entry into any of the member states of the Schengen zone. Our immigration lawyers in Vilnius will assist you in obtaining a Schengen visa required for immigration to Lithuania.

We suggest you contact our law office if you want to apply for citizenship in Lithuania. Our specialists in the field can take care of the documents required by the authorities and can explain why you need to give up your current citizenship and what are the formalities to follow. In this sense, we specify that you need to present a clear criminal record, a permanent residence permit, as well as a marriage certificate if applicable. We invite you to contact us to find out the answers to your questions.

Documents required for Lithuania visa application

Our immigration lawyers in Lithuania will assist you in the collection of right documents to avoid any inconvenience in the application process. Here is a list of general documents that you need when you will apply for a Lithuanian visa:

  1. application form filled with all correct information;
  2. two recently captured passport-sized photos;
  3. your passport with at least two blank pages;
  4. a copy of your return ticket reservation, but it is recommended to not buy a ticket before obtaining a Lithuanian visa;
  5. Europe travel medical insurance;
  6. a cover letter that describes your purpose of visiting Lithuania;
  7. proof of civil status (ration card, marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, or death certificate of spouse if applicable);
  8. provide proof of sufficient financial means enough to cover your expenses for the whole duration of your intended stay in Lithuania.

You can get information regarding additional obligations from our immigration lawyers in Lithuania. You will be entitled to provide additional information to the embassy depending on your purpose of visit. If you get employment in Lithuania, you need to show an employment contract at the embassy to ensure that your purpose of traveling to Lithuania is to work there as an employee. You can get legal help from our lawyers in Vilnius if you want to start your business in this country. They can help you move to Lithuania in a fast manner.

If you want details on immigration to Lithuania, we recommend our team of lawyers. With their help, you can find out what formalities are involved and what documents you need. It is necessary to apply for a residence permit and a valid passport, health insurance, proof of income and domicile have been prepared for this purpose. We mention that EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Lithuania, compared to those from non-EU/EEA countries who have to consider the formalities in this regard.

Services of our immigration lawyers

Our immigration lawyers in Lithuania provide legal advice and help foreign nationals to apply properly and move to Lithuania. They also assist foreigners to properly file employment applications. You can get assistance from our immigration lawyers in Vilnius in the following matters:

  • litigation concerning the visa refusals and temporary residence permits;
  • assistance on receiving single and multi-travel Lithuanian visas;
  • assistance in starting a business in Vilnius;
  • legal advice in incorporating legal persons in Lithuania;
  • assistance in fulfilling the requirements necessary for receiving a temporary residence permit;
  • legal assistance in the collection of appropriate documents to be subimitted to the Migration Department.

You can rely on the services of our immigration lawyers in Lithuania for any legal help regarding immigration or obtaining residence permits. Our lawyers will also help you in opening a company in Lithuania.

Are you planning to apply for residency in Lithuania? Our lawyers specialized in immigration issues can offer you the support you need in this endeavor. We are here to help you with the preparation of documents and assistance to be able to conclude valid health insurance in this country. The authorities also ask for information about the new residence, as well as about the source of your income.

Individuals immigrating to Lithuania

The basic reasons why people immigrate to Lithuania includes: study, work, business and family reunification etc. Please check below the statistics of individuals with different backgrounds reffering to immigration to Lithuania:

  • on average about 57% of Lithuanian citizens who had emigrated to other states returned to their country;
  • the remaining immigrants include 15% non-EU and 3% EU citizens;
  • the majority of foreign immigrants were from Belarus and Ukraine;
  • the majority of EU citizens belong to Italy, Germany and Latvia.

Contact our immigration lawyers in Vilnius if you are planning to immigrate to Lithuania. Our experienced lawyers will also assist you if you need any legal help regarding debt collection in Lithuania.