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Residency by Investment in Lithuania

Residency by Investment in Lithuania

Lithuanian residency by investment is possible with the help of the Golden Visa program which ultimately helps foreigners to obtain citizenship. Obtaining a Lithuanian residence permit by investment is done in two ways, and both involve business. Learn from our Lithuanian lawyers how you can invest in Lithuania and get a residence permit. Our experts can help you with the formalities and paperwork, so you can have the guarantee that the application has all the chances to be accepted.

How can I obtain Lithuanian residency by investment?

As mentioned above, there are two ways in which a foreign national can obtain Lithuanian residency by investment: by setting up a business or by registering a branch of the company owned in his home country. The main idea is to incorporate a business and earn faster a Lithuanian residence permit by investment. But let’s review the eligibility conditions to access the Golden Visa program in Lithuania:

  • A minimum investment of EUR 50,000 is required in a new company in Lithuania.
  • The candidate must prove that he/she is a shareholder in the company he is going to open in Lithuania.
  • In order to obtain a Lithuanian residence permit by investment, you need a doable business plan.
  • The shareholder must be involved in the company’s activities, so he/she can even be the director.
  • There is an obligation to hire at least one Lithuanian worker and to pay the related taxes.
  • In case of obtaining a Lithuanian residence permit by investment through a branch, the shareholders must prove that the company from the country of origin has a market activity of at least one year.

Many believe that Lithuania may be their second home, and so they are interested in the Golden Visa program and the Lithuanian passport by investment. The formalities are not complicated, and in order to guarantee that the application is not rejected, we invite you to discuss all the options with our lawyers in Lithuania. We are at your disposal if you want to start a business in Lithuania.

Advantages of Lithuanian residence by investment

The conditions for accessing Lithuanian residency by investment are straightforward. Before applying, let’s review some of the advantages of this program, offered to interested foreigners:

  • Once you obtain a Lithuanian residence permit by investment, you can also qualify for citizenship.
  • It is possible to work in Lithuania without any restrictions.
  • Foreigners who access the Golden Visa program enjoy the same privileges as Lithuanian citizens.
  • Family members can also be part of the Lithuanian residence permit by investment.
  • Applicants can enjoy unrestricted travel to Schengen Zone member countries.

If you want more information about Lithuanian residency by investment, we recommend that you contact our Lithuanian lawyers.

How to open a business in Lithuania

Registering a company in Lithuania is quite simple, and a limited liability company or UAB is the preferred entity by foreigners who want to open a business in this country. Articles of Association represent the basic documents of the company, with information about the shareholders, their country of origin, the future activities of the company, business rules, voting rights, and more. You need to open a bank account for the minimum share capital deposit and the future activities of the company.

Incorporating the documents with the Public Institution Register Center and registering for the payment of taxes are the next steps related to setting up a company, and those interested should know that the whole process does not take more than 3 weeks. Our lawyers in Lithuania can help you with the formalities related to setting up a company in this country. Thus, you can apply for a Lithuanian passport by investment.

You have support and legal advice provided by our lawyers if you want to apply for residency in Lithuania. You might be interested in the Blue Card in Lithuania, with the help of which you can also work in this country. You also have the opportunity to invest at least EUR 50,000 in a startup to win the desired residency. Get in touch with us to find out all the information you want.

Lithuania, a good business destination

Lithuania is one of the favorite countries for foreign investment, due to the optimal business climate offered. In addition to its attractive and experienced workforce, affordable costs for company formation, well-developed infrastructure, and the opportunity to invest in successful sectors such as IT, manufacturing, business, and financial services, research, and development, Lithuania also has an advantageous charging system, plus a stable economy.

Here are some interesting statistics about the Lithuanian economy:

  • The total FDI for Lithuania in 2020 was around USD 23.7 billion.
  • According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Lithuania ranked 11th out of 190 world economies in terms of optimal business conditions and climate.
  • Lithuania has the 4th best workforce in Europe, with over 50% of workers between the ages of 25 and 34.

If you would like to apply for citizenship in Lithuania, feel free to get in touch with one of our immigration lawyers. With the necessary experience on board, they can take care of the formalities involved and the preparation of the necessary documents. We remind you on this occasion that the applicants have to give up their current citizenship to acquire the Lithuanian one, except in certain cases. But you can find out more legal information from us if you contact us.

Want more details about Lithuanian residency by investment? You can contact our law firm in Lithuania and benefit from legal representation.